Andrea Symons


I have a long history of art studies.  Both my parents were strong artists in their own right and it has been passed along to my siblings and me.  Beginning in elementary school I was known for my creative and developed hand in Art; which took me through high school and beyond.  Handcraft House studies, along with post-secondary art development, landed me with a fine appreciation of multiple mediums in Applied Design and Commercial Design.  Even though my post secondary education and professional career took me away from Art as a mainstay, I never gave up pursuing my artistic dreams, which helped give me balance in the corporate left-brain world. It's what keeps me sane.

Although I work in a variety of artistic mediums, my more recent and most passionate focus is working with molten glass and wire; which I have been doing for the past decade, going forward.

Lampwork beads, vessels and figures, formed over Oxygen/Propane torches, are then kiln annealed for strength, clarity and durability.  This is an ancient art form which is showing a new resurgence with the modern glasses of Italy, Asia, and the Americas.  I primarily use Effetre glass from the Isle of Murano, and Vetreria Soiva Glass from Padua, both in the Venetian glass corridor.  The high coefficients of the glass means it moves very quickly and can thermal shock easily.  It takes years to learn to control this glass, and I continue to explore its various personalities.

I live in an internationally fashionable and growing area, with lots of Art interest and application.  I take part in local crafts and Christmas Art shows, as well as those farther afield.  My work has sold world wide, and the market is growing. 

​Of special interest to me is the spiritual art and nature interpretations of our family of First Nations along the West Coast of Canada & the USA.  Close to my heart are the works of artists Bill Reid, Richard Krentz, Preston Singletary and Terry Jackson.  Their interpretations and extension of the traditional designs and values is awe inspiring.

My glass  work is very much influenced by the traditional elements and the impressions it has left on me, from a lifetime of being surrounded by it.  The gentle curvature, the soft yet hard lines, the depth and smooth angles, are so exciting to me. 

​Each venture into the studio releases new designs and inspirations.  I love working with molten glass and hope you enjoy what I have to offer. 

​Each piece is unique and personal; made with love for the glass and the design that glass forms under my hand.